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Swix Racing Centers

Swix Racing Centers are specialty retailers with experienced employees trained in the science of Swix products. Find the latest products, techniques and ski news at Swix Racing Centers.

Swix Racing Center stores are Swix retail locations dedicated to providing the best experience in ski preparation possible.
With the introduction of Swix Racing Center we set a requirement that the stores have a wide selection of Swix products, be both hardware and textiles. Furthermore, we set also require that products are promoted in a proper and orderly manner. In return we offer training, extra-sale materials, national ad campaigns, exclusivity for a period of launching new racing products and a close follow-up through our sales representatives and service personnel.
Our goal is that we work together to ensure a high professional level of our products in the aforementioned stores, and that the level of service should be so good that we together maintain and increase sales of its products.
Since the range of products in respective stores will vary from year to year, the selection of stores status as Swix Racing Center be an annual event and one gets the status of a season at a time.