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Saturday 29/04-2017
Adventdalen, Svalbard
Cross Country Cross Country
Rainy Rainy

Svalbard Skimarathon 2017

Updated Friday April 28, 2017.


The forecast for Saturday says +3°C to 0°C. Fresh breeze from northwest. Periods of rain/light rain.

These recommendations are based upon testing and the weather forecast. We've got a fair amount of snow in the last 24 hours. It's varying snow conditions along the track because of the wind, from fine grained to coarse grained snow. The snow is drier towards the top of the track than at start. It is important that you don't use too soft grip wax in the lower parts of the track, the you may risk ising in the dry snow in the higher parts.


Stone ground skis: Medium/fine structure. Use hand structure on stone ground skis for better glide.

Swix Structure Tool: 1.00 mm linear structure, use light pressure.

GLIDE:  Alternative 1 – easy:

  1. Iron in LF6X. Let cool off. Iron in once more and let cool off. Scrape off with a Swix Plexi Scraper, and brush with a Swix Bronze Brush.
  2. Finish with the Blue Nylon Polish Brush.

GLIDE:  Alternative 2 – racing:

  1. Iron in one layer of HF6X or DHF104 White Marathon. Let cool off. Iron in once more and let cool off. Scrape off with a Swix Plexi Scraper, and brush with a Swix Bronze Brush.
  2. Apply Cera F FC6X or FC8X with an iron temperature of approx. 165°C. Make one continuous pass with the iron with a constant pressure – take one side of the groove at the time. Let cool approx. 10 min. Brush the powder away with a Horsehair- or Wild Boar Brush.
  3. Finish with the Blue Nylon Polish Brush.


  1. Sand (rub) the grip zone area with #100 grit silicon sandpaper (Swix T330 or T0011).
  2. Iron in one thin layer of VG35 Green Base Wax. Let cool off.
    Alternatively spray on a thin layer of KB20 Green Base Klister.
  3. Apply 2-4 thin layers of VR40 Blue Grip Wax. Smooth carefully out between each layer.
  4. Apply 2-4 thin layers of VR55N Violet on top, and smooth carefully out between each layer.
    How many layers of grip wax you should apply depends on the span of your ski.

If your skis are slipping adjust with VR62 Hard klisterwax. Take along VR70 Red klisterwax for adjustments.

If you are using skis with integrated skins we recommend to clean and impregnate the skins before the race using Swix Skin Cleaner and Swix Skin Care. This improves the skis glide properties. Skin Care can also be applied in the glide sections.

Swix will be present in "Svalbardhallen" Friday from 17:00 with recommendations and guidance. We are also present at start on Saturday with the last update.

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