Increased burning of calories

Nordic Walking can be up to 40% more effective than normal walking because Nordic Walking activates several muscle groups. Increased involvement of your upper body also means better utilisation of your heart and lungs, which in turn increases both your pulse and the number of calories burned. 

Better posture
With Nordic Walking you strengthen the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders. Proper use of the poles gives you good posture. The diagonal movement with the poles causes you to increase the length of your stride, and the rotational movement of your back is improved.

If you have neck or shoulder muscle problems, Nordic Walking is especially good for you. The use of poles stabilizes and strengthens the muscles around your shoulder blades and the upper part of your back. At the same time, you achieve a highly relaxing effect on muscles that have developed from sedentary and static workpositions.

Nordic Walking is gentle on weightbearing joints such as ankles, knees, hips and on the back. Nordic Walking can relieve the pressure on weightbearing joints by up to 30% more than regular walking and thus lowers the risk on injurie. For the same reason, Nordic Walking is recommended as an alternative form of exercise for those of you who run a great deal and desire to have effective protection against wear and tear.