Social comfort
Humans are social animals, however in exercise situations we all-too-often keep to ourselves. Most of us value the fellowskip and company of others, and like to share our experiences with others. Why not also let this be the case when we exercise? Nordic Walking gives you this possibility. You can talk while you walk – the intensity namely should not be greater than that. Can you imagine a more social from of exercise?

Enjoy nature
Regardless of where in the country you live, you have an outstanding “arena” for the new form of exercise in your immediate vicinity. You can go Nordic Walking in a park or along a beach, in the forest or in the mountains. It is just as much fun out in the fields as along a country road. We have many beautiful things to look at and enough fresh air to breathe. So grab hold of the poles, and enjoy experiences with nature first hand. Breathe from your stomach – and you will see how quickly your batteries are recharged and your vitality returns.

You are guaranteed a well-deserved reward after each workout. Because the technique of Nordic Walking involves the use of large groups of muscles, your body excretes so-called endorphins. These substances are “the body’s natural morphine” and are the direct cause of the pleasant feeling you have immediately after exercising.