Before and after exercising it is important to warm up and stretch out. During stretching you can maintain or increase the flexibility of your muscles, giving your body the capability to perform movement with good technique. Stretching prevents and treats injuries. A steady and correct starting position is important for the stretching to have the best effect. The poles help you to keep a good position, allowing your muscles to relax. During stretching, it is also important that you breathe deeply and exhale in a relaxed fashion. Breathe deeply down to your stomach during stretching. Release the tension in the muscles around your neck and shoulders!

General procedures for all exercises:
- Hold each position for 10-15 seconds.
- Slowly return to the original position.
- Repeat each stretch 3 times.

For the outer leg muscles
- Support yourself with the poles with your feet in a walking position.
- Stretch out the back leg above the heel, by pushing downward toward the ground.
- Lean forward toward the poles without lifting the back heel. Stretch from the heel and up.

The inner leg muscle
- Support yourself on the poles in a walking position.
- Pull on the heel of the back leg downward toward the ground.
- Bend both knees and place your weight on the back leg until you feel the muscles stretch deep within the leg.

Hip joint flex
- Support yourself with the poles with the feet in a walking position.
- Place equal weight on each leg.
- Pull in until you feel the stretch in the groin muscle.
- The back heel can lift up a bit.