NORDIC WALKING pole length recommendations
To find the right length pole for yourself, multiply your height by 0.7, allowing for a +/- 5 cm.

The function is important. All grips on Swix Nordic Walking poles are ergonomically designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. The wedge system makes it easy to adjust and replace the straps.

The PC grip is ergonomically designed with a surface made of a soft material, providing a maximum level of comfort. The straps are available in Large and Small.

The PCC grip has the same design as the PC grip, however the surface of the grip is made of natural cork, which provides good insulation and the absolute best comfort.

The Strap
Swix offers two types of straps. Both models “link” you to the poles, which means that you do not need to grasp the poles directly. This is crucial for proper technique, while at the same time it makes the poles light and pleasant to walk with.

New Swix Twist&Go® with Dual Tip
It may seem like a minor thing for some, but we truly believes this is a revolution of sorts - both when it comes to functionality and not least of all the practical benefits of not having to deal with loose parts. In no time at all, you can easily change the tip on the pole. When the surface you are Nordic Walking on changes, then just twist the Twist&Go and you’ll have the perfect tip for that new surface. Another advantage is that the new tips are lighter.

Every gram saved on the tip of the pole helps you achieve a more optimal pendulum swinging motion.

The new and improved tungsten tip provides an even better hold on ice, snow and slippery surfaces.

A small bearing within the Twist&Go generates a clicking sound when it is time to change the rubber Twist&Go. It is important to replace the rubber Twist&Go when you hear the sound, otherwise the mechanism will wear out.

The rubber Twist&Go has a new and improved design. The new shape means that the Twist&Go rotates in the direction of movement.

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