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Swix Cera NovaX - The history

Over 19 years ago, one year after the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Swix launched the Cera Nova wax system. This was a result of comprehensive testing performed before and during the Olympics that made it possible to put together a unique and logical wax system based on four different temperature ranges. Ranging from hydrocarbon- to high fluor waxes, the Cera Nova System covered all the needs of a serious skier for both training and high-level competition. By its intuitive build up, the skier could easily find the right choice for their needs within the range. For the first time, Alpine and Nordic (both for skating and classic) skiing were under one unique wax system.

Since that launch, Cera Nova has been the best selling wax system in the world. Its popularity stretches from World Cup Racing Service Technicians to skiing enthusiast. The system has been the recipe of success in all major championships over the last two decades and anchored by our famous Cera F, the wax that has won more Olympic and World Championship medals than any other wax in the world.

Over the years the system has been through several updates and modifications, all necessary in order to keep up with the advancement of raw materials, synthesis of fluoro and the development within waxing, in order to maintain the undisputed position as the world’s best wax system.

Even with this successful history, Swix deci­ded to launch a new wax project 3 years ago. The total Project Team was comprised of over 20 members ranging from Product Developers, Scientist from R&D, World Cup Racing Service Teams, and wax technicians from around the world. The mission was clear, we didn’t just want to introduce a few new waxes or make visual changes to the existing line, we wanted to completely renew the existing Cera Nova line, and the new project was given the name Cera Nova X!

The project was divided into three sub projects: Testing, Packaging and Design. Among them, there was no doubt that discovering better performing wax formulations was the biggest task. We wanted to challenge existing wax formulations in the Cera Nova system in order to evaluate and conclude if changes were required. To get the assessment basis for this job we performed over 800 clinical tests at major ski destinations all around the globe, in all temperature ranges, both for Nordic and alpine skiing. This was the one and only way of putting the old system to the ultimate test and it required a tremendous effort from our Racing Service team and our R&D department. In order to keep viable statistics as the basis of the project, we started off with an advanced test plan for everyone to follow. This was key to discovering which original waxes could stay in the system and which waxes required improvement. From the ski tunnel in Torsby (Sweden) to Sochi (Russia) and Canmore (Canada) our Racing team has delivered test reports in all kinds of snow conditions more or less throughout the whole year.

In addition to our internal testing, project test waxes have been tested on the World Cup circuit for the past two years. The close collaboration with the service men and their valuable test feedback has contributed as a quality assurance of our own internal testing.

In the history of Swix there has never been a similar test effort before. A huge number of glide tests have been performed, analyzed, and compiled into our massive database; all for the purpose of finding the small margins that make the whole difference.
During the spring of 2014 the first deliveries from the Cera Nova X will leave our production facilities at Lillehammer, Norway. Our production team is highly experienced, and every new wax leaving our production facility will be of outstanding quality. It will be filled in a new innovative package, which includes inner marking, stronger side support and a hinged lock.

With a complete new design expression, inspired by the X in our brand name, we believe the final product will meet the highest expectations from the market and set a new standard for ski wax during the next decade.

Enjoy skiing with Cera NovaX wax – Your winning margin! 

Each wax in the Cera Nova system is identified by:
• category
• number
• color
• ironing temperature
• temperature range
NOTE: All Swix temperatures are air temperatures in the shadow.

Cera Nova Waxes are designed to provide optimal balance of:
• Water repellency.
• Resistance to snow crystal abrasion.
• Base penetration and bonding capacity.
• Resistance to dirt.
• Temperature range consistency.
• Anti-Static and Oxidation properties.

In turn, these are supported and updated by The Swix Racing Service and Test Teams and critical feedback from the leading World Cup Service Technicians.

Targeting the 2016 Biathlon World Championships
(Oslo, 3 June 2014) Today marks the start of Swix and the Norwegian Biathlon Association’s collaboration and preparations for the Biathlon World Championships at Holmenkollen, Oslo in 2016. Recruitment and broad participation are important elements in the collaboration between the association and Swix, who want to work with Norway’s current biathlon stars to develop new talents.

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Swix enters into sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian Biathlon Association
(Oslo, 24 April 2013) Swix enters into sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian Biathlon Association (NSSF), and will supply clothing for the Norwegian national team as of the 2014/2015 season. Swix Sport and NSSF aim through this agreement, to increase the popularity of biathlon and biathletes further. Press releases:

Swix Sport AS Changes the Game with Swix Sonic™ Adjustable Poles
Oslo, (April, 4 2013) – Swix Sport is set to launch a new adjustable pole collection for the 2013/14 season called Swix Sonic™, most advanced adjustable pole to ever hit the market. PressRelease_SwixSonic PressRelease_SwixSonic 
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