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The Race Wax System most trusted in all disciplines for maximum performance

The Swix Cera Nova System of Race Waxes maintains its #1 status as the wax of choice by World Cup Service Technicians. Wax testing prior to each important event is more extensive than ever. Factory Test Teams, National Teams, and the Swix Racing Service Team carefully record weather and snow conditions, select waxes for testing, prepare test skis, make many test runs, and record test results. There is no escape from testing scrutiny. Waxes either meet the demands of testing or risk rejection by the top-level users. The Cera Nova System not only has survived the test, but also has set the standard to which all others must try to reach.
Swix Cera F FC8
At the same time, the Swix Racing Service Team is continuously testing to raise the height of the bar through refinements of existing waxes and the creation of new wax formulas from test waxes.

Performance you can trust!

The Cera Nova System of glide waxes dominated in The 2005 Alpine World Championships in Bormio, Italy, with the highest number of medals ever won on Swix in a single championship competition. Very close to all medals were taken with Cera Nova.

Similar domination was shown in The 2005 Nordic World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany where 50 medals were taken with Cera Nova waxes.

The systematic concept of the Cera Nova Waxes is well understood by users. The concept remains the same for this reason. However, whenever possible the individual wax formulas are adjusted for improved performance as advances are discovered through research, testing, and top-level service technician feedback. These formula adjustments are recorded and tracked through production with identification marking on each package.

What does this mean for the racers below the World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic level? The hard work and proven results have been accomplished at the highest level of competition. Now, the choice is simple – Swix Cera Nova. Why would you want to go with anything less?

Each wax in the Cera Nova system is identified by:
• category
• number
• color
• ironing temperature
• temperature range
NOTE: All Swix temperatures are air temperatures in the shadow.

Cera Nova Waxes are designed to provide optimal balance of:
• Water repellency.
• Resistance to snow crystal abrasion.
• Base penetration and bonding capacity.
• Resistance to dirt.
• Temperature range consistency.
• Anti-Static and Oxidation properties.

The Cera Nova System is supported by:
• The Swix Website,
• Technical Manuals
• World Cup Waxing Charts

In turn, these are supported and updated by The Swix Racing Service and Test Teams and critical feedback from the leading World Cup Service Technicians.

Targeting the 2016 Biathlon World Championships
(Oslo, 3 June 2014) Today marks the start of Swix and the Norwegian Biathlon Association’s collaboration and preparations for the Biathlon World Championships at Holmenkollen, Oslo in 2016. Recruitment and broad participation are important elements in the collaboration between the association and Swix, who want to work with Norway’s current biathlon stars to develop new talents.

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Swix enters into sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian Biathlon Association
(Oslo, 24 April 2013) Swix enters into sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian Biathlon Association (NSSF), and will supply clothing for the Norwegian national team as of the 2014/2015 season. Swix Sport and NSSF aim through this agreement, to increase the popularity of biathlon and biathletes further. Press releases:

Swix Sport AS Changes the Game with Swix Sonic™ Adjustable Poles
Oslo, (April, 4 2013) – Swix Sport is set to launch a new adjustable pole collection for the 2013/14 season called Swix Sonic™, most advanced adjustable pole to ever hit the market. PressRelease_SwixSonic PressRelease_SwixSonic 
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