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Horizon midlayer Mens
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Product#: 16171
Product description:Brand new super elastic 4way stretch top in aninnovative new carbon-mesh quality with wickingfor increased moisture transportation – excellentfor high activity. It can be used either as a midlayeror right on to the skin as a warmer bodywear piece.Perfect to combine with i.e. the Start/Touring andHorizon product groups.• Exclusive seam and panel details.• Collar design inspired from bikewear.Fabric composition:Wicking, 48% Carbon (Bamboo Charvoal)/52%Polyester.Read more
Targeting the 2016 Biathlon World Championships
(Oslo, 3 June 2014) Today marks the start of Swix and the Norwegian Biathlon Association’s collaboration and preparations for the Biathlon World Championships at Holmenkollen, Oslo in 2016. Recruitment and broad participation are important elements in the collaboration between the association and Swix, who want to work with Norway’s current biathlon stars to develop new talents.

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Swix enters into sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian Biathlon Association
(Oslo, 24 April 2013) Swix enters into sponsorship agreement with the Norwegian Biathlon Association (NSSF), and will supply clothing for the Norwegian national team as of the 2014/2015 season. Swix Sport and NSSF aim through this agreement, to increase the popularity of biathlon and biathletes further. Press releases:

Swix Sport AS Changes the Game with Swix Sonic™ Adjustable Poles
Oslo, (April, 4 2013) – Swix Sport is set to launch a new adjustable pole collection for the 2013/14 season called Swix Sonic™, most advanced adjustable pole to ever hit the market. PressRelease_SwixSonic PressRelease_SwixSonic 
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