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The R&D department at Swix Sport AS is responsible for the development of new and innovative products within all our product categories. The R&D department works in close contact with the category product managers.

Our area of interest can be divided in three groups, chemistry technology, composites and soft composites.

The R&D work within chemistry technology is concentrated on “friction management”. The work within this area is concentrated upon general studies of the friction system snow – ski- atmosphere. General material science studies are performed with respect to fluorine materials, waxes, resins and ski base technology.

The objective of our ski pole research is to find techniques both within composite and metallurgical materials in order to get lighter, stronger and stiffer poles. Our soft composites which we make use of in our apparel line is a result of our efforts in finding the best available materials and merge them into a functional apparel with an appealing design.

The overall objective of our work is to create products that enhance the positive experience of snow when skiing and boarding.

The R&D department also publishes Tech Notes on relevant subjects. The meaning with the Tech Notes is to present a more in depth information on how our products work.

The R&D department is working close with our Racing Service team when our new developments are tested.


See our Tech Note downloads ...

This is a great example how dedicated R&D over several years pays off. Further it emphasizes that Swix is also an apparel brand (not only wax and poles) that takes R&D serious. Read about it in artickle on Science Daily.

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Swix griper tak i den viktige problemstillingen med å bli sett i mørket og belønnes med Merket for God design. Les mer i pressemeldingen: SwixVistech_MerketforGodDesign SwixVistech_MerketforGodDesign 
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Swix tidobler forskningskapasiteten. Les artikkelen i Finansavisen, Lars K_Finansavisen .

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