Going fluorine-free together!

The Norwegian Ski Federation Cross Country and Swix have entered into an agreement that makes Swix the main supplier of ski lubrication and poles to the Norwegian national teams. At the same time, Swix will also fight for a fluorine-free future.

"As a leading cross-country skiing nation, it is our duty to take social responsibility together with partners who are committed to sustainability and focus on fluorine-free products. It is therefore important for us to bring back Swix as the main supplier of lubrication and poles to the Norwegian cross-country skiing team.

Swix is a strong Norwegian brand that stands for quality and has already shown that they want to develop good products in cooperation with us, says Cross Country Manager Espen Bjervig.

Satser fluorfritt sammen.jpg

The agreement between Swix and the Norwegian Ski Federation Cross Country extends to over the 2022 season.

"It is great for us to once again be able to collaborate with the world's best skiers to develop the best ski lubrication and the best poles," says Brand Director Åge Skinstad in Swix.

Already, 60 percent of today's Swix ski lubrication is fluorine-free. Even at national team level, this is used extensively. The fluoride-free ski lubrication for Swix is all clearly marked "fluoride free". Swix and the Norwegian Ski Federation will also hold a number of fluoride-free lubrication courses in the time to come.

Based on this, the Norwegian Ski Federation will, together with Swix, design materials that tell how the fluorine-free products should be used. 

Vegard Kvisle in "Toughest without Fluoride" believes the agreement also fits in well with the new ban for fluoride products for runners under the age of 16.

"We must remind you that there is still a lot of work to be done before our national sport is completely fluorine-free. In order to succeed with this, it is essential that the lubrication industry is on board. 

It is gratifying to see that Swix supports the fluoride ban and leads by example with the development of good fluorine-free lubrication alternatives that are documented in relation to HSE and at affordable prices," he says.