Roto brush merino wool, 100mm

Enhances the glide to a new level!

Merino wool brush for cold application of waxes


    • Professional result without iron
    • Skis are ready in two minutes
    • Better for the work environment than traditional waxing

    Roto brush merino wool, 100mm

    A new and revolutionary way of applying waxes without the need of a waxing iron. The method is tailor-made for harder waxes, such as the Marathons and is applied onto the skis in two simple steps: Start by applying the wax to the roto brush by touching the wax to the wool for a few seconds while running the drill at a speed of approx. 1.500 RPM. Then, use the roto brush on the base with a speed of approx. 1.500 RPM. Use light pressure. Start from the tip and move back and forth approx. a foot at a time towards the tail (two times).


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