Swix Sonic Randonee Poles

Swix Sonic is a complete range of adjustable poles dedicated for backcountry and randonee skiing. It is not just another telescopic pole, but a complete new way of thinking. No details has been ignored - function and simplicity are the key words.

Technology beyond expectations

The Swix Sonic Locking System
The Sonic Locking mechanism is advanced though simple and comprises of only three parts; two anodized machined aluminum parts and a nylon-clamping sleeve that connects the tubes together.

The locking system is self-adjusted – every time you lock it there is no need for adjustments after some usage. Every time you fix the pole to a desired length it is fixed and there is no need for excessive force to fix the two parts.

The need for maintenance is minimal and all parts can be taken apart without any tools. Reassembly is intuitive and done in seconds, even out in the field.

By placing the locking mechanism a distance of 15 cm from the bottom of the handle you achieve several advantages; less material used and consequently less weight, better pendulum, maneuverability and better strength and stiffness. The location of the locking mechanism also serves a function when gripping down on the shaft while traversing across steep terrain.


The Swix Sonic Length Memory System
The Swix Sonic Locking system has two fixed positions that make it easy to adjust from walking up mode to skiing down mode. The unique stop sleeve also prevents you from pulling the upper and lowers parts apart.


The Swix Sonic Basket System
The Swix Sonic basket System is inter-changeable. Simply screw off the threaded nut, snap off the basket and choose the basket that best fit the current snow conditions.

The baskets are engineered in a coated nylon fabric for super lightweight, optimum support against the snow and provide excellent pendulum properties.

There are three basket sizes:
RDTRPIB is the Swix Sonic piste basket.
RDTRTPNM is the standard basket.
RDTRTPNL is a larger version of RB-1 for extremely deep powder. Still lightweight!


The Swix Sonic Handle
The handle has a contour shape for a more relaxed and comfortable feeling. Unique to the shape, the top portion of the grip has almost flat sides, allowing removal of excessive snow build up on top of the skis. Another feature is the handle “Hook” which allows for easy unlock-lock on several rando” bindings.

The strap attachment secures easy adjustment/replacement of straps (Patent pending).

The handles comes in two material versions:
• Breathable, warm, lightweight “non slip” EVA foam in the gripping section (Standard on Swix Sonic R1 and Swix Sonic R2).
• Durable, not slip TPR gripping section (standard on Swix Sonic R3 and Swix Sonic R4).


Material Selection of Tubes for Swix Sonic Poles
R1 and R2 are made of high strength carbon fiber.

Swix has utilized its material expertise from cross country and alpine pole designs to achieve the best possible construction for the Swix Sonic poles.

The Carbon tubes are designed to optimize the combination of weight, strength, stiffness and pendulum by using the best available materials and manufactured under the strict Swix quality regime used in their Cross Country racing pole production for years.

Two different alloys are offered in the Swix Sonic pole program. Both alloys are extruded seamless aluminum in order to achieve the most consistent and highest quality tubes.
• Advanced Aluminum – the advanced 7000 aluminum offers the best stiffness, strength weight and pendulum properties.
• Standard Aluminum – the 6000 series aluminum is also a special treated alloy offering good stiffness, strength, weight and pendulum properties.