Add Tab, DD3-4, black

Add Tab

Add Tab for DD3 and DD4 handles, Black, Alpine

  • Black
  • Better control and support of the pole
  • For DD3 and DD4 handles
    Product information

    Add Tab, DD3-4, black

    Add Tab for DD3 and DD4 handles. Keeps the pole in your hand even when losing your grip. Prevents you from loosing the pole.

    Technical specifications


    • NetWeight:0.01
    • NetVolume:0
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      Size guides

      SWIX Alpine Pole length recommendation

      Body length Pole length Alpint
      150 cm 90-100 cm
      155 cm 100-105 cm
      160 cm 105-110 cm
      165 cm 110-115 cm
      170 cm 115-120 cm
      175 cm 120-125 cm
      180 cm 125-130 cm
      185 cm 130-135 cm
      190 cm 135 cm
      195 cm 135 cm

      Place the pole with the handle on the floor and place your hand under the basket. Angle at the elbow should be 90°.