Quantum 6

Almost unbreakable

The Quantum Six is the entry level composite pole.


    • Composite entry level
    • For groomed trails
    • Durable composite pole
    • Well proven Swix components

    Quantum 6

    The Quantum Six is the entry level composite pole from Swix with well proven components such as PCU handle, 97 baskets covering all trail conditions. The pole is first and foremost touring pole. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D strap assures good power transmission and comfort.

    Specifications: Stiffness: 47 mm Shaft weight: 98 gr/m Strength: Almost unbreakable Total weight 155 cm pole: 212 grams

    Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 135 cm - 180 cm. 5 cm interval.

    • FabricContent:Composite
    • Deflection:47
    • Net weight (kg):0.53
    • PoleWeight:212 grams (155 cm length)
    • Gender:NoRelevance
    • Size:1350