HS5 Turquoise, -10°C/-18°C, 900g

HS5 - High Speed 5 Turquoise. Great durability!

Glide wax for racing and fast training sessions. HS5 is recommended from -10 to -18 degrees.


    • Universal wax for both alpine and cross-country skiing
    • Excellent dry friction properties
    • Replaces LF5X.
    • For racing and training

    HS5 Turquoise, -10°C/-18°C, 900g

    HS5 is the hardest glide wax in the High Speed series. The 900-gram pack contains 5 x 180 g wax bars. High Speed (HS) is specially developed for younger racers and the ambitious leisure skier. All waxes in this series have high performance and good durability. This makes them an affordable option for both competition and training.

    HS5 is an excellent choice for cold conditions due to its superior durability and dry friction properties. It is an excellent choice for alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Despite being a wax for cold conditions, its melting point makes it easier to apply than many similar waxes in this area, without compromising its glide properties. For fresh snow, transformed snow and artificial snow.

    How to apply HS5: The speed of the waxing iron should be approx. 8-10 seconds for a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min.) for better durability. After about one minute, scrape off with a plexi scraper. It is important to have a good waxing iron in order to melt the wax efficiently. HS5 can be used as a racing wax alone or as a base wax for other racing products. Recommended waxing iron temp.: 160°C.

    The HS range is available as both a glide wax and as a liquid product.

    • FluorFree:
    • Net weight (kg):1.1
    • Country of Origin:Norway