KX40S Silver Klister -4°C to +2°C, 55g


Silver klister in the popular KX series.

  • In stock
  • Violet silver klister
  • Temperature range +2°C to -4°C
  • For skiers who train and compete
  • Handy plastic scraper included

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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Product number KX40S
  • Country of origin:Norway
  • Gender:01NoRelevance
  • Season:Fall/Winter
  • Concept:KX-KB


      What is klister and when do you use klister on skis?

      Klister is the grip wax used from around zero degrees to warmer conditions, all the way up to +15°C.

      Find Swix Klister here.

      Read more here: Klister is this easy to use

      How do I apply klister?

      First, put the klister in the grip zone of the ski. If the klister is hard and therefore tough to apply to the grip zone, we recommend putting it in a warm place for five minutes, e.g. on the bathroom floor.

      The easiest way to do this is to use your thumb to spread the klister over the grip zone, but if you find this a bit sticky you can also use a scraper.

      We’ve prepared a guide for those who want to know more about klister.

      Klister is this easy to use

      Video: Applying klister

      What equipment do I need to apply klister?

      Use a scraper if you don't want to use your thumb.

      We also have a klister brush, which is often used by those who wax a lot of skis.

      For clubs and others who wax many pairs of skis at a time, a waxing machine can be a good alternative, and this also works with glide waxes.

      Video: Applying klister

      Which klister do I need as a beginner or advanced skier?

      If you are a beginner, we recommend Base klister on spray and quick klister.

      If you are more advanced, we recommend Base klister (e.g. KX20) and middle layer klister (e.g. KX35) as well as top klister (e.g. K22).

      Klister is this easy to use

      What is the difference between quick klister and regular klister?

      Quick klister (e.g. K65C Uni ) is an option that makes it easier to put the klister on the skis than regular klister.

      If you’re on the ski slopes and need to apply a layer just before you go out or need more klister during your ski trip, quick klister is ideal. Quick klister is thin and is best for short trips or trips where you have time to apply klister several times.

      Regular klister comes in a tube and is easier to put on compared to Quick klister, but will in turn last longer.

      Video: Applying Quick klister

      Why do I need base klister spray?

      Base klister (e.g. KB20C Base klister ) is what you put on first so that the klister that is laid on top and suited to the day's conditions has better grip and lasts the entire ski trip.

      The spray version is easier to apply than the KX20, but doesn't last as long.

      Klister is this easy to use

      Video: Applying klister

      Why apply dry wax over a layer of klister?

      Once the klister has been standing for a while, it will become hard and you can then place regular grip wax on top. This is done to avoid chafing on trips where there is a difference between damp and wet and colder and drier snow.

      How do I remove klister from my skis?

      Use klister remover (I64N Base Cleaner) and fiberlene.

      First, take the fiberlene and remove the klister. Apply it over the klister on your skis. Leave it to work for a while and then use a scraper to scrape off the klister that is stuck under the fiberlene.

      This allows you to get rid of most of the klister without it becoming too sticky. Finally, polish off the residue with the fiberlene and klister remover.

      If you have a waxing table and waxing iron available, you can also take the fiberlene that you put on top of the klister. Then take the hot waxing iron and drag over the fiberlene. The klister will then stick to the fiberlene. Take a scraper and scrape off the fiberlene. 

      Video: How to remove old klister

      How many layers of klister do you need?

      You can manage with base klister and then a layer of Quick or Universal klister. The best idea is to apply a layer of base klister, then a middle layer and finally grip wax, if the snow temperature permits.

      Klister is this easy to use

      Video: Applying klister

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