How to find the right straps and handles

Customize your poles with straps and handles that are right for you!

We're going to make it very simple: Handle, it's what you hold around on the stick. The straps, tie your hand and wand together.


All poles are sold with handles, but the type will vary depending on which pole model you have. On some poles, straps are not included.

Reason? We want you to choose the model and size that suits you! Let's take a look at the options. We'll start with the straps.

Straps for poles

World-class runners have been wearing technical straps shaped like gloves for several years. The vast majority of people who ski will benefit from using these straps. For walks on groomed trails, we recommend these straps.

Many of the best runners also choose slightly different straps for competition and training. It is also common to use a larger strap at cold temperatures, as thicker gloves or mittens are often used.

The Triac Connection System – or TCS – is our strapping system. Offered on several of the stakes. You can choose from four different types in all sizes from small to extra large.

Handles for poles

Here's what you need to know: Handles are first and foremost about comfort. A soft handle feels better than a hard plastic handle. We recommend that you choose a handle with a natural cork to get that warm and good feeling.

All our poles are sold with handles, but the type of handle will vary depending on which pole model you have.

We also have our own handles with Just-click system. Note that these cannot be combined with the TCS straps.

The hiking handles that you will find onthe cheapest models maintain functionality but are not as comfortable as the other handles.

Note that some of the more technical straps, like Profit and BIA don't fit these handles.