Which roller ski is right for you?

Swix produces roller skis for skating and classical technique. Learn more about our different models before investing in a new pair.

Roller skis – classic

Roller skis for classic are designed to replicate the classic technique on asphalt. We have used all the knowledge and technology to give you the closest feeling you can get to skiing on snow. Of classic roller skis we offer the Swix Roadline Classic.

Here you do not need to think about fastening lubrication. Both wheels have a latch bearing that provides nail attachment, and you only need to focus on rolling forward.

The wheels are wider, compared to skate wheels, to provide more stability and vibration damping against the ground.


Swix Roadline Classic

The Swix Roadline Classic is suitable for exercisers and professionals who want to practice skiing all year round.

They have a newly developed aluminium stem with a shape that utilises the best properties of the material. All components and designs are based on all the innovations of the Swix Carbon classic. The ski gives a good response in the kick-off and you quickly get into a good flow.

  • Material: Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Length: 790 mm
  • Diameter wheels: 67 mm
  • Width wheels: 50 mm
  • Rolling resistance: Medium/C2


Roller skating – skating

If you are most comfortable with your skating technique, you have two options:

The wheels on these roller skis are taller and narrower, and the trunk is shorter compared to classic roller skis. Roller skis designed for skating are also great to use for staking, if you like to vary styles.


Swix Roadline Skate

The Swix Roadline Skate is an aluminium skate ski. The trunk is lowered to provide stability and the perfect ski feel. The wheel mount is located above the centre of the trunk to get as close as possible to the ground.

These roller skis are excellent for elite skiers as well as recreational skiers. They have exceptional manoeuvrability and are the lightest roller skis we have made in aluminium so far.  

  • Material: Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 1.55 kg
  • Length: 630 mm
  • Diameter wheel: 100 mm
  • Width wheels: 23 mm
  • Rolling resistance: Medium/C2


Swix Triac Carbon Skate

The Swix Triac Carbon Skate was launched in 2020 and is our top model, which we believe – with your hand on your heart – is the best skate ski you can get your hands on.

The skis are super light, with quick response and a unique cross-country feeling. It is therefore suitable for those who go regularly, or plan to do a lot of roller skiing.

It consists of carbon fiber and is packed with the technology. Compared to the Swix Roadline skate, they are lighter, which gives a closer skiing feeling on snow.

The Triac Carbon skate is available in two flexes, medium and stiff, for maximum customization to the user.

  • Material: Carbon fiber with underside reinforced with Kevlar fiber
  • Weight: 1.41 kg Length: 630 mm
  • Diameter hjul: 100 mm
  • Width wheels: 23 mm
  • Rolling resistance: Medium/C2