Roller skiing in traffic

Roller skis are a great form of training, but to roll in traffic you must practice, wear protective gear and plan your route.

What you need to master before you ski in traffic: 

  • You must be able to brake and change direction on the roller skis. We recommend practicing in parking lots (shopping malls on Sunday, for example) or on roller ski runs until you feel completely safe on your skis. 
  • You should practice your emergency stop. This means practicing exiting the road in a controlled manner. 
  • You need to be over 15 and be able to master the points above before you can roller ski in traffic

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What to wear: 

  • Always wear a helmet, gloves and glasses.
  • Wear high-visibility clothing such as a reflective vest and textiles designed for roller skiing. We recommend Swix Carbon.

Roller skiing in traffic:

  • Select roads with low vehicle traffic
  • Ski in areas you are familiar with and which have flat stretches, not many junctions or bends. 
  • Ski on the right side of the road if there is no sidewalk. 
  • Use your body to give clear and understandable signals to other road users.
  • Focus on technique and use your ears to listen to the traffic. Listening to music is not recommended. 

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