How to choose the right winter running jacket

A good running jacket is an important piece of equipment for anyone who likes to run in winter.

There are many types of running jackets. Some are waterproof while others are designed to be easy to pack in your running bag. How to find a running jacket that's right for you? 

In this guide you will learn more about what to look for in a good jacket for winter running. Providing protection from wind, rain and cold weather allows you to maintain your running routine all year round. 


Why wear a running jacket?

In winter, a running jacket should not only protect against the cold, it must also direct excess heat away from the body. Because you'll sweat — even if it's cold — and overheating can still occur during winter training. 

What to look for in a running jacket

Generally speaking, we can divide most running jackets into three categories. All with their own function.

Windproof running jackets

Cold winds in combination with sweat can make you quickly feel much colder. Windproof running jackets are specially designed to keep the wind out and ensure a stable body temperature on days when the headwind comes from all sides.

These jackets are often very breathable and are made of thin materials, which can easily be packed into the bag without taking up too much space. 

  • The Pace Wind Jacket is made from lightweight wind-resistant and highly breathable materials. The jacket has strategically placed ventilation for an airy feeling and allows you to make the most of your workouts on the slightly colder days.


Water resistant running jackets

These jackets have moderate waterproofness. These jackets will also breathe, but to a somewhat lesser extent than windproof jackets. At the same time, they are lighter than completely waterproof options and therefore ideal for light rain or snow.

  • The Pace Hybrid Full Zip is a jacket that gives you the protection you need when you're out on the trails, with light water resistance in the shoulder area.


Waterproof running jackets

Most waterproof running jackets are made with a waterproof membrane and have taped seams on critical areas. It allows you to run in heavy rain or snow without getting wet. Water resistance, on the other hand, is at the expense of breathability, so good ventilation is important here to release excess heat. 

  • The Pace Wind Light Hooded Jacket is the perfect running jacket for changing weather conditions. Go for a run no matter the weather with this lightweight and wind-resistant jacket, which can be easily packed in your backpack.

How should a running jacket fit?

A good running jacket should have a relatively snug fit, but at the same time provide plenty of space for movement. Remember that you should have enough space for two layers under your jacket, which is crucial for runs on the coldest days.  

Also remember other equipment to keep warm 

A running jacket is just one piece of the running gear you need for winter training. To keep warm during the winter months, you can't avoid hats, gloves and thermal underwear. And with an insulating running vest, you can be in the zone for a few more miles.

Have a good trip!