Running with poles with Frida Karlsson

Be ready for the winter season with Frida Karlsson's interval session. – This is a traditional but hard training session that will improve your shape.

Frida Karlsson has invited Swix to her hometown Sollefteå in Sweden. Here she has put in thousands of training hours to become one of the world's best skiers. Her favorite session is running with poles in steep uphill.

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– I usually run 6x5 minutes uphill, says Karlsson and promises that everyone who tries their hand at the session will feel lactic acid and a high heart rate.


Try Frida Karlsson's downhill interval:

  • Warm-up by jogging for 20 minutes.
  • Find a pair of ski poles that are about 30 cm shorter than your height.
  • Run the first five minutes uphill lap.
  • Take a two-minute break as you walk calmly down the hill.
  • Continue with the next lap for five minutes. Repeat this until you have run a total of six pulls of five minutes each.

Make sure you use your arms and poles actively when you run. It will make you work on the same muscles that you use when you go cross-country skiing.

Watch podcast with Frida Karlsson (In Norwegian and Swedish only:


It is hardly a coincidence that Frida Karlsson has chosen to show running on this particular hill. Here is the traditional test race "Hallstatestet," which is held every year. The race, which has been held for over 40 years, is 1800 meters long and has a climb of 210 meters. Frida Karlsson set a new track record this summer.

- This is my favorite hill. No doubt about that, says the ski star and smiles.

Frida Karlsson trains and competes with the ski pole Swix Triac 4.0 Aero.