Preparing for runs: Roller skis and new socks

Cross-country skier Didrik Tønseth reveals an unknown tip: How he uses roller skis to run even faster.


Went roller skiing – became Norwegian champion the same day

In the podcast, the skier reveals how he prepared for NM for off-road skiing in 2018 with a long hike on roller skis that same morning. Tønseth became the Norwegian champion in this race.

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“It's not hard on the legs to roller ski.” That’s why I think going classic on roller skis is a great way to limber up for a race. Don't just lie on the sofa before your race," says Tønseth in the podcast.

Go roller skiing the night before

He is used to exercising twice a day and can therefore take a roller ski tour on the same day as a race. For the vast majority of recreational skiers who exercise one session a day, the roller ski tour can be scheduled for the night before.

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"Try to get a session in the night before. It’s important to taper for a competition, but don't be afraid to give it a little extra."

New socks

There’s also one other thing that the Trøndelag skier often does before important races.

" New socks. There’s nothing like socks that have never been washed before! I think that you should treat yourself to the luxury of saving new socks for a competition," he says, smiling.

Here's what to do, for example, for the Birkerbeiner race: Get out your roller skis and brand new socks.

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The Skisporet podcast

Didrik Tønseth has started his own private team, wearing Swix clothes. Want to hear how the skier from Trøndelag county will get to the Olympics on his own steam?

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