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Learn something new about skiing and training with the Skisporet podcast.

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Join us inside the world of cross-country skiing

Discover the world’s best skiers and gain unique insight into what’s happening inside the world of cross-country skiing!

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In the Skisporet podcast we reveal the stories behind the cross-country skiing heroes that we watch on TV every weekend throughout winter.

  • What inspires the country’s best athletes?
  • What dreams and goals have they set themselves?
  • What can you as a listener learn from Helene Marie Fossesholm, Frida Karlsson & co?

Skisporet is quite simply the podcast for those who love skiing, cross-country skiing and training!

Here are the latest episodes of the Skisporet podcast:

Interesting and well-known guests

Looking for training tips and inspiration? Then the Skisporet podcast is perfect to have in your ear. Our interesting guests share their best training sessions, tricks and experiences that will make you a better skier.


Meet the stars: Frida Karlsson is one of our guests in the winter season of the Skisporet podcast. Click to listen to the episode on Apple Podcast.

How to listen

Input or questions? Send us a message on Instagram (@skispor) or an email at

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All episodes in the new season are also available as videos. Click here to go to Skisporet's YouTube channel .

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The Linn Svahn podcast is one of the episodes you can watch on YouTube:


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