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  • Use the Swix wax machine

    Learn how to use the Swix Wax Machine for klister and gliders. In this video, we'll show you have to apply klister. This machine will give you a perfectly distributed, thin layer of klister every time.

    Swix Wax Machine


    • 100:11 Turn on the machine
    • 200:23 Heat the klistertube
    • 300:31 Squeeze the klister into the wax tray
    • 400:36 Let it heat for 10 minutes
    • 500:45 Prepare your skis
    • 600:50 Rub the klister wax area
    • 701:10 Secure the glide area by using tape
    • 801:23 Place the ski on the klister roller- move back and forth
    • 901:36 Remove the protective tape

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