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  • Skin ski cleaner and impregnation

    Learn how to clean and impregnate your skin skis using Skin products from Swix. The cleaner removes dirt from the tracks that get stuck in the skin. The impregnation prevents the skin from absorbing water and freezing during skiing.

    Skin Impregnation should be used 2-3 times during the winter. In between each trip, we recommend that you use Swix Skin Boost.


    • 1Spray Skin Cleaner on a piece of fiberlene paper
    • 2Rub the cleaner into the skin
    • 3Let dry in room temperatur
    • 4Apply Skin Impregnation using the applicator on the box
    • 5Move down the skin in a circular motion
    • 6For best results, let the Skin Impregnation dry overnight before using the skis.

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