VinterBirken QR - Wax recommendations from Swix

Updated 05.02.2021. Swix's wax tips for Turbirken QR this weekend.


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Weather forecast for this weekend: Cold and clear sky. Bring extra clothes, sun glasses and enjoy the nice weather.


Stone ground skis: Fine structure.

Swix Structure Tool: None


  • Iron in PS5 eor HS5 green glider.
  • Let it cool down and scrape off the wax by using a plexi scraper.
  • Brush away all the residues of the wax with bronze brush T162 or steel brush T179.

Watch this video to learn how to apply hardwax on your skis.

Liquid glider:

  • Spray HS6 liquid glider onto the skis.
  • Let dry for 15 minutes at room temperature.
  • Polish with a soft blue nylon brush.

Watch this video to learn how to apply liquid glider on your skis


  • Use sandpaper #100 to rub the kick wax area
  • Apply one layer with VG30 blue base wax. Let it cool down outdoor.
  • Apply four to eight layers of V30 or VP30. Use the edge of the wax to “chalk” it onto the skis. Cork gently with the T21 synthetic cork between each layer. 

Adjust with VR40 or VP40 if needed. How many layers of grip wax
you should apply, depends on the span of your ski.


If you are using skis with integrated skins, we recommend cleaning the skins with N16 Swix Skin Cleaner and then use N15 Swix Skin Care to impregnate the skin.

There will be an opportunity for waxing assistance at Kvarstad.

Happy trails!