Stone ground skis: Medium structure. Remember to use hand structure on stone ground skis for better glide.

SWIX Structure Tool: 1.0 mm linear structure (imprint roller that gives straight structure) (T423).

GLIDE – Alternativ 1

  1. Spray on CH10XL Liquid and let dry for at least 15 minutes. Apply the product in temperatures above 10°C. To obtain the best performance it’s important to allow the wax film to dry entirely.
  2. Finish with the SWIX Blue Nylon Polish Brush.

GLIDE – Alternative 2

  1. Iron in one layer of Black Marathon Fluoro Free at 155°C. Let cool off. Iron in once more and let cool off. Scrape off with a Plexi Scraper, and brush with a SWIX Bronze or Steel Brush.
  2. Finish with the SWIX Blue Nylon Polish Brush.


  1. Sand (rub) the grip zone area with #100 grit silicon sandpaper (SWIX T330 or T0011).
  2. Iron in a thin layer of KX20 Green Base Klister and let the ski cool off. Alternatively apply a thin layer of KB20 Green Base Klister spray, and let dry.
  3. Apply one layer of K22 Universal klister. If you need better grip mix with KX75.


If you are using skis with integrated skins we recommend to clean the skins with N16 Skin Cleaner and then use N15 Skin Care to improve the skins glide properties.