Wax tips for Reistadløpet

Swix wax tips for Reistadløpet

Swix' smøretips for Reistadløpet

This is our final tip for the race. Updated Friday.
Note: Swix will be at the start of the race with the latest recommendations.

These wax recommendations are based on weather forecasts, testing and our experience. The weather forecast reports light snow showers tonight and early tomorrow morning.

Weather forecast:

Setermoen Kl 10.00 -1°C
Orta Kl 11.00 -5°C
Kampenhytta Kl 12.00 -2°C
Rustadhøgda Kl 13.00 +2°C


Stone ground skis: Medium/fine structure.
SWIX Structure Tool: 1.0 mm linear structure with medium pressure.

GLIDE – Racing alternative

  1. Iron Swix White Marathon.
    1. Let the powder cool before scraping it off with a Plexi Scraper.
    2. Then brush with a SWIX Bronze or Steel Brush.
  2. Swix TS7L liquid glider gives a better glide on top of powder.
    1. Apply the liquid by spraying a thin layer onto the skis. Note: You can also use Swix T21 filt cork for the application of the liquid.
    2. Let dry
    3. Use Swix rotor fleece (T0018F-2) to work the glider into the base of the ski.
    4. Finish by using a blue polish brush (T17W) or T190 red nylon brush.

How to apply powder:

GLIDE – Easy alternative

  1. Spray on Swix HHS7L (LIUQUID) and let dry for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Finish with the SWIX Blue Nylon Polish Brush or Swix Red Nylon brush.
    We recommend ironing in a layer of Swix PS6 first.

Learn how to apply liquid glider:


  1. Sand (rub) the grip zone area with #100 grit silicon sandpaper
    (SWIX T330 or T0011).
  2. Apply one layer of Swix VG30 base wax and one layer of Swix V30 with an iron. Let it cool.
  3. Apply 2 layers of Swix V30 blue wax. Rub gently with a cork after each layers.
  4. Finish with 2-4 layers of Swix VP45.
  5. Bring Swix VP50 and Swix VP55 if you need to adjust the grip.


If you are using skis with integrated skins we recommend cleaning
the skins with N22 Skin Cleaner and then use N21 Skin Boost to
improve the skin's glide properties.

Happy trails!