R196 Tuning glove


Prep glove for all ski prepping.

  • Work glove
  • Rubberized grip for good friction
  • Thin to give a good feeling when using tools
  • Durable

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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Product number R196-90000
  • Country of origin:P.R. of China
  • Size range:M,L
  • Season:Fall/Winter
  • Concept:Base
  • Color:Red


    When and why should I use a waxing mask?

    We recommend using a waxing mask to protect your health when waxing skis. It will keep you safe while you prep your skis, and should be a must in all waxing booths. 

    The waxing mask protects you from fine dust and other particles emitted from ski waxes. This is especially true if you are working with heat and melting in the glide wax or liquid products. Then we always recommend using a waxing mask.

    Beginner: T42 Economy Mask. Replaceable filters

    Advanced: T43 Racing mask with replaceable filter

    Expert: T41 Pro Mask w/fan

    How do I ensure adequate ventilation in the waxing booth?

    The waxing booth should have a fan that sucks air out and an entrance where fresh air comes in. This provides proper circulation in the room.

    Do I need an apron and gloves?

    Gloves (R196 Tuning glove ) we always recommend. This avoids getting wax on your hands. A waxing apron is not necessary, but may be worth it if you don't want to get ski wax on your clothes.

    Find Swix masks and protection here.

    Do I need an extractor in the waxing booth?

    We recommend it. If you use roto brushes, we recommend roto cover with suction, which you can connect to a vacuum cleaner. (such as T15-100 ). We also recommend using a vacuum cleaner on the waxing iron.

    Video: Spot the difference: Suction vs. non-suction

    How often do I need to change the filter in the waxing mask?

    We recommend changing the filter once a year. If you wax a lot of skis for clubs or similar, you should change the filter twice a year.

    Find Swix masks, filters and protection here.

    The roto brush emits a lot of dust - do you have a solution?

    Yes, we have roto handles with the option to attach the vacuum cleaner (Roto Cover w/Suction, 100 mm and Roto Cover w/Suction, 140 mm ).

    Video: How to use a roto brush



    A lot of us come from the waxing iron, do you have a solution?

    Yes, we have a frame that can be fitted to the T70 waxing iron with the option of connecting the vacuum cleaner. T70-FR2 Suction frame for T70 iron

    I have poor ventilation in my booth, what should I do?

    To protect your health, it is always best to use a waxing mask. The waxing mask ensures safe ski prepping, and in our opinion is a must-have in all waxing booths.

    Beginner: T42 Economy Mask. Replaceable filters

    Advanced: T43 Racing mask with replaceable filter

    Expert: T41 Pro Mask w/fan

    You should use roto brushes with roto handles with extractor (Roto Cover w/Suction, 100 mm ), have a T70 waxing iron with extractor (T70-FR2 Suction frame for T70 iron ) and use a waxing mask. You should also have window or door open to let in fresh air.

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