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Multi vise for workshops and private waxing rooms.

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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Product number T0140N
  • Country of origin:Italy
  • Size range:N/A
  • Season:Fall/Winter
  • Concept:Racing


      What are clamps?

      Clamps are used to attach the skis and snowboards to the table/bench to keep them stable while waxing.

      See an example in this video: Simple edge treatment

      Find all Swix clamps here

      How are clamps used for waxing skis?

      You attach the clamps (e.g. T149-50 ) to the table or bench so that you have two outer points that support the ski or board at each end. You also have an attachment point in the middle.

      Clamps for:

      What clamps do I need to wax downhill skis?

      T149-90N is the most versatile and can be used on skis with a mid-width of 50–155 mm. T149-50 can be used on skis with a mid-width of 40–100 mm.

      Clamps for:

      Do Swix have clamps that fit randoneé skis?

      We have new clamps for randoneé, T149-70.

      You can also replace the attachments for old clamps with T149-75.

      What clamps do I need to wax my snowboard?

      You can use Pro Snowboard Vise, or T149-50 with adapter.

      I have 110-mm wide skis, which clamps should I use?

      Then you need T149-90N clamps.

      Clamps for:

      What clamps can I use for cross-country skis?

      You can use T149-50 an adapter for cross-country skiing T149-50UA.

      Do I need a waxing table to use Swix clamps?

      No, our clamps can easily be used on any table or bench, as long as there is room on the edge of the table (maximum 6 cm thick) to secure the clamp.

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    T140N Vise work shop
    T140N Vise work shop