V40 Blue Extra Hardwax -1/-7C, 43g

The most popular kick wax in the world!

A truly classic Swix wax. The world's best-selling grip wax! Perfect for both touring, training and racing. Excellent grip.

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    V40 Blue Extra Hardwax -1/-7C, 43g

    New fallen snow -1°C to -7°C (30°F to 19°F). Old fine grained snow -3°C to -10°C (27°F to 14°F). The most popular V-wax. A very flexible and versatile wax covering a large temperature- range on the cold side of freezing. To be utilized close to 0°C (32°C), demands relatively new snow and low air humidity (below 45-50%). The V-Line of hard kick-waxes is made for racing and recreational skiing. Their quality is very high due to fully refined petroleum waxes, synthetic rubbers and pharmaceutical quality oils.

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