Linn Svahn speaks out after the injury: – I will come back stronger

The Swedish ski star confirms in the podcast Skisporet that she has to wait to fulfill her dream of participating in the Olympics.

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– It will not be the Olympics for me this winter. The injury turned out to be much worse than we thought, says Linn Svahn in the podcast.

Vomiting from the pain

The 21-year-old suffered a shoulder injury after falling on skis last season. At the time, Svahn was unsure of the extent of the injury, and although she did struggle with pain most of the time, the skier participated in the World Championship only a few weeks later.

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– I was in so much pain after the crash that I vomited at night. Still, I did not know how bad the shoulder was. All I could think of was that I was two weeks away from the race of my life, says Svahn.

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Opens up: Linn Svahn talking in Skisporet Podcast.

The race of her life ended with an early exit in the semifinals. Svahn left the championship with the upcoming Olympic season in mind. Training started well before the new season, but then the shoulder gradually got worse and worse.

The injury was worse than expected

– I could do double-poling in training one day, but then I could not lift a milk carton the next day, says the Swedish ski star.

When Svahn visits the podcast just six weeks after the operation, she can not even lift her right arm over her shoulder. She had not thought that it would be this bad when she went to the hospital in September to check the shoulder.

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Linn Svahn after a training session before the operation in September.


– I woke up after the operation and was told: "Linn, it was much worse than we thought. You couldn’t rehabilitate this yourself”. Hearing this was good because then I knew that the operation was the right thing to do.

Losing the dream of her life

Linn Svahn is now losing the chase of her lifelong dream: to participate in the Winter Olympics. At least for this time.

– How did you react to the message that you can not compete this season?

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– It was traumatic, and I felt sad. Losing the biggest goal of my career in a year where I have great chances to do well, that's the worst thing that could have happened.

– I will win everything

Svahn, who lives on the island of Frösön close to Östersund in Sweden, has invited Swix in her playground. She shows us the area where she dreams of the day she can fight back from the ugly injury.

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She has chosen to turn her mind to something positive: In February 2023, there is the World Ski Championships in Slovenia.

– Now my plan is to see how strong I can become from training hard for 1.5 years. I am driven by doing something unique - something that no one else does. Now I have the opportunity to set aside 1.5 years to work hard without any disturbance.

She follows up her sentence:

– Can I tell a secret in this podcast? I have already called my coach Ola telling him that I plan to win everything in the next World Cup!

Linn Svahn trains and competes with the ski pole Swix Triac 4.0 Aero. When she’s not together with her Swedish national team, she is also a Swix ambassador at clothing.

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