Triac 3.0

Triac 3.0 poles - when performance matters

The Triac 3.0 pole introduced a huge evolutionary leap forward in performance and manufacturing technology, introducing a new benchmark on high-end ski poles.

Enjoy Triac 3.0’s 13 % reduced weight and a new super lightweight basket with aluminium spike for soft conditions. The handle/strap is 32% lighter than before, and the poles come with a TBS basket system for covering any snow conditions.

Swix_triac 3.0_clothes.jpg

Clothes made for speed and performance

Cross country ski is a demanding cardio sport carried out at extreme intensity levels, sometimes at very low temperatures, and at relatively high speeds. You do not want to overheat upwards nor be exposed to water vapor chill and wind-chill on the way down. We are substantially raising the bar on performance clothing with this new line; thereby earning the Triac 3.0 label.