Strategies and goals

Research has been Swix's most important focus area since its beginning in 1946. The continuous focus on improvement and development of existing and new technology has kept Swix as a world leader in skiing, waxing, equipment, poles and textile.

As a supplier of sports equipment, we are concerned with environmental awareness and social responsibility. It is important for us to ensure good working conditions for the workers who develop our products. With our ethical trade work, we support human rights, labor rights, the environment and development throughout the value chain. Swix will be a leader in the environment, and we do this by using the most environmentally friendly technology available. It is both about our close relationship with nature and that we care about each other.

Our products and brands

  • Our customers should feel that the products we make are safe to use. Our products and brands will further create a positive reputation in relation to the environment and morality.
  • Must be well within all current and future environmental requirements and contribute to the reduction of undesirable substances in nature.
  • Must be safe to use for our customers, as well as safe to produce and handle for our surroundings.
  • Must be produced in such a way that good animal welfare is taken care of.

Ethical trade and anti-corruption

  • We will work actively to ensure that our products are manufactured in accordance with recognized standards for working conditions and environmental considerations.
  • We seek in particular to contribute to the eradication of: Forced labor, child labor, health-causing jobs, gross discrimination and wages below the poverty line.
  • We have zero tolerance for corruption.
  • Here you can read more about Brav and Swix's attitudes to anti-corruption and the Code of Conduct:



Through close cooperation with research and health institutions, SWIX wants to be a role model for good working environment and environmentally oriented attitudes.

Strategy for the environment and health

  • Swix will create healthy jobs for both its employees and users of their products.
  • Customers should be informed about how to use the products in the most environmentally friendly way.
  • The products should not pollute the environment.
  • Swix will work to improve the climate.
  • The partners must operate with the same ethical guidelines as Swix.
  • Customers should be able to experience the good health and environmental values the company has.

Wax strategy

Environmental labeling of ski running

  • Swix has fluorine-free ski cleaning in all product categories whether it is gliding, fastening wax or adhesive.
  • From the season 17/18, the Swix introduces the label "Fluor Free" on the packages and the label will mark the label on fluoride free slides (CH glider).
  • The eco-label should increase awareness of the fluorine-free options and help the consumer to make environmentally friendly choices.
  • Swix will continue to label fluoride products with C6 technology with the Future Cera brand. This label shows that the products use the fluoride technology with the best environmental and health profile.
  • Swix will continue to work to label the products for the best for the customer and the environment.
  • For fluorine-free alternatives, look for this tag:

Waste Management

  • More than 90% of the lubrication waste ends up as scrap in the lubricating shed. In order to ensure that this waste is not released into the wild, it is important that the waste is collected and placed in the residual waste so that it is incinerated at a waste management facility.
  • Swix will direct customers and consumers to the correct waste management so that the imprint of fluorinated ski wax is minimized.
  • Swix has been a driving force for the introduction of environmental tax at Skiforbundet events so that lubrication waste is handled in a responsible manner through local refuse collection companies.

Working environment and personal protective equipment (See more under working environment)

  • Every year, Swix provides customers with information on working environment measures and personal protective equipment through hundreds of lubrication courses, training of store personnel, social media and online.
  • Swix, together with the Public Health Institute and Skiforbundet, have drawn up guidelines for ski skiers about how best to protect themselves against dust and chemicals.
  • Swix offers high quality personal protective equipment and the right degree of protection.

Research on fluorine-free alternatives

  • Although a large part of the products are already fluorine-free, Swix sees it as an obligation to make the industry more environmentally friendly and take the lead in phasing out harmful environmental connections in the ski run.
  • Swix has since 2014 worked with SINTEF on the project LowFriMat to find alternatives to ski running and phase out harmful C8 fluorine technology related to PFOA.
  • As of 2017, all C8 technology has been phased out in production at Lillehammer and fluorine has been removed from several previous fluorinated products.
  • The work in LowFriMat is continued in the Swedish POPFREE project where several large companies in many industries such as the paper, textile and paint industry come together to solve the fluoride problem.