Roto Cover w/Suction, 100mm

Great tool for the working environment!

Roto cover with driveshaft and air suction functionality. Fits 100 mm brushes.

849 kr


    • Creates a strong vacuum around the roto brush, that gather close to all dust particles
    • Easy connection to L-bend twist-lock adapter
    • Ergonomic shaped

    Roto Cover w/Suction, 100mm

    An ergonomic roto handle with driveshaft and protective cover, that fits SWIX' 140 mm roto brushes. The air suction functionality is a great add-on to take care of the working environment in the waxing cabin. When connected to vacuum it remove close to 100 % of the small dust particles created by roto brushing. Highly recommendable for serious waxers. PS: L-bend twist-lock adapter sold separately.

    • Net weight (kg):1.08
    • Net volume (l):0