Join Swix on Strava this summer

A challenge for everyone: Set a new personal best this summer.

What is a personal best?
That’s up to you to decide. 


A personal best can be your longest run ever.

It can be the fastest time on a climb in your neighborhood.

Maybe this is the summer you’ll work out for 14 days in a row for the first time?

To set a personal record, you’re challenging yourself only. It means that everyone can win this challenge regardless of skill level.

Three participants who complete the challenge will get a set of training clothes from Swix.

The winners will be drawn on August 31st.

The be qualified for the challenge, you’ll need to:

  1. Have an account on Strava. This is free.
  2. Join the Swix Club
  3. Post a text and photo in the club telling which personal record you have set.

Good luck.