VGS35C Base binder spray, 70 ml


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  • Produktnummer VGS35C
  • Tillverkningsland:Norway
  • Säsong:Fall/Winter
  • Koncept:VP-VG


    H-nummer: H222, H229, H315, H336, H411

    Varningar: Extremt brandfarlig aerosol. Tryckbehållare: Kan sprängas vid uppvärmning. Irriterar huden. Kan göra att man blir dåsig eller omtöcknad. Giftigt för vattenlevande organismer med långtidseffekter.

    Vanliga frågor

      Which ski wax do I need for classic skis?

      Classic skis require grip wax or klister to get a grip.

      Use Griptip for the best waxing tips for your current location.

      The skis also need glide waxes, both for better glide and maintenance.

      Ski waxing for beginners: What you need to know

      How to get a good grip on your skis

      To get a good grip on your skis, the most important thing is that the ski fits your weight; this applies to both regular classic skis and skin skis.

      The second most important thing is correct waxing. You can follow the temperature recommendation on the wax itself. Here you can see which temperature the wax is suitable for.

      Example: Swix V40 Blue Extra

      • Suitable for fresh snow from -1°C to -7°C.
      • Suitable for old snow from -3°C to -10°C.

      Read more here: Ski waxing - 4 easy steps to a good grip

      Use Griptip for the best tips for your current location.

      How to apply grip wax/ski wax?

      First, rub the grip zone with sandpaper (T11 Synthetic cork with sandpaper ), then apply a layer of base wax/base klister (VGS35C ).

      To finish, apply the wax required on the top. Example: Swix V40 Blue Extra

      How many layers of grip wax should I apply?

      This depends on the length of the trip, but we recommend a minimum of four thin layers that are capped between putting on the wax. Longer trips require several layers of wax.

      Read more here: Ski waxing - 4 easy tips to a good grip

      What is Base Wax used for?

      We recommend applying a layer regardless of whether you are waxing with grip wax or klister.

      Base wax/klister, or base wax (e.g. VGS35C ) is applied after you have rubbed the ski base. This ensures that the wax adheres better to the ski. 

      Spray base into the grip zone or heat in a layer of base wax (e.g. VG35 ) Do not use a waxing iron, even if recommended. You can cork in the base wax instead of heating it.

      What is the difference between V and VP grip wax?

      V (e.g. Swix V40 Blue Extra ) is made for skiing and training, while VP (e.g. VP45 Pro ) is mainly for advanced training and competing. This means that the Swix VP grip wax can give you more performance. But our standard V grip waxes are also used in the World Cup.

      What does it mean to rub the skis before applying grip wax?

      Rubbing the skis means using sandpaper (T11 Synthetic cork with sandpaper ) in the area on the base where you are going to apply ski wax for the grip wax to sit better.

      Read more here: Ski waxing - 4 easy steps to a good grip

      What equipment do I need for ski waxing?

      This depends on what you want from your wax.

      If you’re a beginner or just going out for a ski, you need a minimum of:

      If you have slightly bigger demands for your wax and want a much better result, we recommend:

      If you are competing and you need your wax to support your performance, we recommend: 


      Read more here.

      How do I know what kind of wax to use on my skis?

      It depends on the weather. Check the temperature range and find a wax that matches the temperature of the day. There are two temperature ranges stated on the wax: one is for fresh new snow, the other for older snow.

      This GripTip table provides a good explanation of how the different snow types affect the choice of wax.

      Example: Swix V40 Blue Extra

      • Suitable for fresh snow from -1°C to -7°C
      • Suitable for old snow from -3°C to -10°C

      Which ski wax (grip wax) do I need as a beginner and which one do I need as an advanced skier?

      As a beginner, the classic V-series of grip waxes is enough, and the KX-series of klister.

      For the advanced skier, the VP range can be a great alternative for competitions or longer trips. KN klister is designed for competitions.

      How do I remove old ski wax?

      The easiest and gentlest way to remove grip wax is with fiberlene and base cleaner.

      You can also use a plastic scraper if you have a lot of old wax on your skis that's hard to shift. 

      Video: How to remove old ski wax

      I can't find grip wax in the VR series. Where has it gone?

      VR has been replaced with VP. VP is a fluorine-free grip wax for racing and training.

      Read more here.

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