PS6 Blocks for Wax Machine, 1050g

Fluor free alround cold wax for wax machines!

Fluor free quality wax suitable for both training and competition.

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    PS6 Blocks for Wax Machine, 1050g

    PS6 blocks for wax machine. Temperature range from -6°C to -12°C (21°F to 10°F). This wax is very versatile. Its area of use stretches from training to racing wax and base prep wax for cold skis. PS6 has a good durability and offers great performance on artificial snow.


    • Alpine
    • Biathlon
    • CrossCountry
      Cross Country
    • CrossCountryRacing
      Cross Country Racing
    • Randonee
    • Snowboard

    • FluorFree:
    • Net weight (kg):1.05
    • Net volume (l):0
    • Country of Origin:Norway