Q: What is the best wax to use?

A: Wax selection varies, depending on conditions, temperature, skiing type/style, ability level, etc… Please visit our wax chart (link to wax chart) & check out our waxing tips videos (link to video tutorials)

Q: How do I wax my skis or snowboard?

A: Please visit our waxing tutorial videos at: (Link to video tutorials) & check out our new line of CH & HF liquid waxes (link to liquid wax video)


NEW! - SWIX Liquid Waxes FAQ

Q: How do you apply Swix Liquid waxes?

  • Swix Liquid waxes are very easy and efficient to apply.
  • Shake the bottle then spray the Liquid onto the ski base.
  • Let the Liquid dry, approximately 15 minutes at room temperature, then brush the ski base tip to tail 15-20 strokes using a Blue Nylon brush.
  • It is recommended to apply the Liquid indoors under normal temperatures.

Q: What is the propellant in Liquid waxes?

  • Swix uses Bag-On Valve technology to apply the Liquid, so the answer to this question is, Air is the propellant.
  • BOV technology allows for virtually 100% of the Liquid to be uses, so there is no waste left over in the bottle, and a thin, even layer is applied to the base.

Q: How many applications can you get out of 1 Liquid bottle?

  • Of course, this depends upon the length and type of ski you are waxing, but an estimate is approximately 12-15 pairs of 191cm length alpine ski can be waxed with one Liquid bottle.

Q: Are Liquid waxes better than normal paraffin waxes and what about the durability of Liquid waxes?

  • Testing by the Swix Racing Service Team has proven that the 4 Liquid waxes available (6, 7, 8, 10) generally outperform standard paraffin waxes in both speed and feeling.
  • Extensive testing has been preformed this past season both in testing and World Cup racing use and the Liquid waxes has produced outstanding results.   
  • The only condition where the paraffin waxes are better than Liquid waxes are in very cold conditions where the 4 or 5 line is used. For this reason, Swix has not produced a Liquid in the 4 and 5 line.   
  • Additionally, the Liquid waxes are extremely durable. Liquid waxes will perform well even after several runs of skiing.  The Liquids penetrate deeper into the amorphous base material, which adds in durability to the Liquid waxes.

Q: Do I still need to use normal paraffin waxes if I am using Liquid waxes?

  • The answer is yes, it is still important to do regular upkeep on your skis with normal paraffin waxes.
  • For serious racers who use Cera F products, treating your skis on a normal basis prevents base burn when you use Cera F products. The paraffin waxes act as an insulator for the high temperatures needed to apply Cera F products.
  • For skiers who do not use Cera F products on a regular basis, it is still important to do regular upkeep with paraffin waxes. The paraffin waxes lubricate the base and protect the base structure in aggressive snow conditions. 

Q: Are Swix Liquid waxes related to Toko Liquid waxes?

  • No, the recipes are different.