Waxing Regulations

See our Waxing regulations for how to best protect yourself in Waxing Cabin.

  • Make sure that the waxing facility is well ventilated.

  • Always use a mask with the recommended filter (minimum A1P3) when applying and brushing wax products. Don’t forget that particles can be retained in the air for quite a while.

  • Make sure your mask is properly adjusted, and, as a minimum, replace the filter at the start of each season. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

  • Wear suitable gloves when handling ski cleaner and other liquid products.

  • Do not heat the waxing iron to a temperature higher than necessary, and make sure to wipe the iron clean after application. The particle concentration rises as the difference increases between the melting point and waxing iron temperature.

  • Do not use heating guns and gas burners in the waxing facility. Using these tools in the presence of airborne particles that contain fluorine risks generating toxic fumes.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the waxing facility. Smoking and airborne particles is an extremely hazardous mix.

  • Do not eat or drink in the waxing facility.

  • Make sure to collect any waxing residue and dispose of it in the appropriate contain.

  • Wash your hands once you have finished waxing the skis.


For private Waxing Cabins (download our Waxing regulations.pdf )