Swix Sonic R1, Full Carbon 2-Piece

Premium performance

Not just another telescopic pole!


    • Full Carbon 2-Piece with Swix Sonic Locking System
    • Back country and randonee
    • Non-compromise skiier
    • Super lightweight, high stiffness and best pendulum

    Swix Sonic R1, Full Carbon 2-Piece

    100% high strength carbon fiber engineered pole to meet the special needs for randonee skiing. Super lightweight, high stiffness, best pendulum are some of the key elements.

    Breathable, lightweight “non slip” EVA foam handle with hard details designed to allow easy removal of excessive snow build up on the top of the skis.

    The handle “Hook” allows for easy unlock-lock several “rando” bindings.

    The strap has a unique self-locking system that ensures easy and fast adjustments. The strap attachment secures easy adjustment/replacement of straps (Patent pending).

    The basket is engineered in a coated nylon fabric for super lightweight and optimum support against soft snow.

    • FabricContent:Composite
    • Net weight (kg):0.35
    • Net volume (l):0
    • Gender:NoRelevance
    • Size:1050-1300