Swix Sonic Pro Trail, Carbon

Foldable pole of high quality

A lightweight foldable pole for trekking and trail running


    • Perfect for trekking, trail running and nordic walking
    • Foldable to fit your backpack
    • Change the basket fast and easy
    • Comfortable grip and strap

    Swix Sonic Pro Trail, Carbon

    The Swix Pro Trail Carbon is a super lightweight foldable pole made for trekking, hiking and trail running. Easy to adjust and fits your backpack. Key elements are low weight, high stiffness and functional components. Ideal pole for trail running and trekking where low weight and compact size is essential. The pole is equipped with the new Flexi basket system with hard metal tip and Swix rubber knob for tarmac conditions. Swix Sonic locking system. Compact folding system. Comfort Connection system. Multigrip with EVA extention. Travel companion!

    • Net weight (kg):0.57
    • Gender:NoRelevance
    • Size:1000