V40 Blue Extra Hardwax -1/-7C, 43g

The most popular kick wax in the world!

Blue Extra in the classic V-series is the world’s most sold grip wax. Provides great grip for ski trips, training and racing. Apply in thin layers and smooth with a cork.


    • Grip wax
    • Suitable for new, falling snow from -1°C to -7°C.
    • Perfect choice for conditions with old/transformed snow from -3°C to -10°C.
    • Fluoro-free

    V40 Blue Extra Hardwax -1/-7C, 43g

    New, falling snow from -1°C to -7°C. Old/transformed snow from -3°C to -10°C. The most popular grip wax in the V-series. A very versatile ski wax with a wide range of uses at minus temperatures. When used near 0°C, the air has to be dry (low relative humidity) and new snow is required.

    The V-series is designed for both racing and recreational skiing. The quality is very high due to carefully-selected, sophisticated wax qualities, synthetic rubbers and oils that meet strict health requirements.

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