KN33 Nero, +1C to - 7C

Superb in changing conditions!

Klister for competition and training.


    • Racing klister
    • Temperature range -7°C to +1°C
    • Fluoro Free
    • Superior klister in changing conditions

    KN33 Nero, +1C to - 7C

    KN33 Nero klister can handle changing snow conditions very well and it has great anti-icing properties. Temperature range +1°C to -7°C (34°F to 19°F). SWIX Nero are revolutionary klisters with a black ingredient that has shown an impressive performance. They collect significantly less dirt from the snow than traditionally klisters. They are durable and stay better within the kick-zone than other klisters. NERO provides a secure kick over longer time than traditional klisters, due to their special characteristics.

    • Net weight (kg):0.09
    • Gender:NoRelevance