KX30 Blue Ice Klister, 0C to -12C

Great kick in icy conditions!

The KX klisters are durable klisters custom-made for different conditions.


    • Fluoro Free

    KX30 Blue Ice Klister, 0C to -12C

    Temperature range 0°C to -12°C (32°F to 10°F). For coarse snow/hard tracks and icy conditions. Excellent on hard packed coarse cold snow, but can also be an alternative to KX20 as base klister. It is easier to apply than KX20. In racing KX30 is often used as the “in between” klister on top of KX20, but rarely used as the last layer due to the preparation of the tracks. For general skiing on cold mornings after it has been wet the day before, it is a highly useful product. Scraper included.

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