Takes classic roller skis to a whole new level

SWIX Ambassador Petter Soleng Skinstad has already passed over 1000 kilometres on the new roller skiis, SWIX Triac Carbon Classic. Here's the verdict.

Text: Karl Filip Singdahlsen

Petter Soleng Skinstad is a professional cross-country skier and runs his own cross-country skiing team with his brother Mårten Soleng Skinstad. The team is sponsored by, among others, SWIX. Already in the test phase of the Triac Carbon Classic, Soleng Skinstad contributed with his knowledge to develop a product the market has not seen before. Well - 1000 km later - Soleng Skinstad have reached a verdict.

- With the Triac Carbon Classic we are talking about a product that takes classic roller skis to a whole new level. The directional stability, the reduced vibration and the lightness are unlike anything else I’ve tried before, says Soleng Skinstad.

The Triac Carbon Classic provides a cross-country feel on the asphalt.

The Triac Carbon Classic is moulded in one piece of carbon and has a hollow monocoque construction that makes the skis very light and highly responsive. It gives response characteristics one recognizes from regular cross-country skiing. It is noticeable according to Soleng Skinstad.

  • You can stand very relaxed on one ski, as the Triac Carbon Classic takes good care of the vibration from the asphalt. Nevertheless, I would say that the biggest difference lies in how light it feels on the foot when you walk diagonal and double poling. If you add to the response of the skis and the absence of screws that strike each other, then it starts to become very similar to regular skiing, continues Soleng Skinstad.

New design prevents accidents and simplifies maintenance

And precisely, the screws have been an important point in the development of the Triac Carbon Classic. A known problem among roller skiers has been protruding screws that penetrate ankles, shoes, bindings and poles. By redesigning the shafts and wheel system completely, this problem is eliminated with the Triac Carbon Classic. In addition, the maintenance job has become considerably easier.

- The new design and construction are perhaps what I most appreciate with the Triac Carbon Classic. Previously, I had problems with screws that hit the ankles and skis. Especially during top speed. Now it feels much safer to go roller skiing, says Soleng Skinstad.

The Triac Carbon Classic is available in two different flexes - that is, the degree of stiffness in the carbon construction. You can choose between either medium or stiff flex.

Most people should choose medium flex where the balance between response and comfort is perfect. Stiff flex is only recommended for skiers with extreme force in the legs.

Inspired by the Formula 1 industry

The materials on the Triac Carbon Classic are picked from the very top shelf and behind the roller skiis lies an extremely careful development process. Complicated manufacturing techniques used in bicycles, cars and the Formula 1 industry have been used in conjunction with advanced simulation tools. This means that the price is also slightly higher, compared to previous models.

- It's just like buying a nice bike, just for a tenth of the price. Those who buy the Carbon Classic get roller skis they can use for many years. Remember that the frame here is something completely different from what you have tested before. Expensive cross-country skis cost up to 10,000 kr. Therefore, I usually say that the Carbon Classic is not expensive, just a little more expensive than what you have paid for roller skis earlier, Soleng Skinstad concludes.