Tips for upper body clothing on winter runs

If you are going to run outdoors in winter, it is extra important to dress well. Here are our top tips for winter jackets to keep you warm.

There is no reason to put your shoes on the shelf even if the temperature is creeping below zero. And we dare say that winter running will positively affect your mood.

But it's all about balance.

Neither freezing nor getting too hot when running is good for your performance, technique, or mood. Even if it's cold, your running clothes shouldn't stop you from finding the flow zone. 

At the same time, things don't always go according to plan, in fact, they rarely do. In this guide, we'll give you great tips on what to wear on your torso, which will keep you motivated and comfortable in winter, even when the weather changes.

In addition, we give you advice on what you need to pack in your backpack so that you are always prepared. 


Clothing for winter running


Always with: Windproof outer layer

Go for a run no matter the weather with this lightweight and wind-resistant jacket. The Pace Wind Light Hooded Jacket has elastic openings in the hood, sleeves and at the bottom edge, which hold the jacket in place during high activity. Ventilation panels along your chest and back will keep you comfortable throughout your run.

For subsistence weather

The Pace Hybrid Full Zip Midlayer is a full zippered running jacket that works just as well for layer-on-layer clothing in varied spring and summer weather as a lightweight overcoat alone. The outer fabric provides important protection against the cold wind, while moisture-wicking stretch fleece materials on the sides and back keep you dry and comfortable, without getting clammy.

For unpredictable weather

The Pace Wind Jacket is designed for running in changing weather. The wind-resistant and highly breathable stretch material allows you to push yourself to the limit, even on days when the weather doesn't match up.

The ventilation panels along your chest and back will keep you comfortable throughout your run. And with reflective details on the hood and sleeves, there's no excuse to stay inside, even when it's dark.

For the coldest days

The Pace Midlayer Hooded is a good and warm sweater with high moisture absorption, which keeps you comfortable during running. In this garment we have added a hood, to give you extra comfort on cold days, and it fits perfectly under a windbreaker on those long quiet trips.

The sweater is also equipped with bell holes on both sleeves, so you can easily keep an eye on time if you use it alone for faster sessions. 

Go west 

In winter, it's better to bring one layer too many than to risk dressing too little. If the wind is extra acidic, a vest will come in handy. So bring a vest. Either under your running jacket, or pack it in your backpack.

With the Pace Wind Vest, you get a versatile garment in a lightweight, wind-repellent and highly breathable stretch material, which also doesn't take up much space in your backpack. 

If you need more heat, the Pace Insulated vest gives you both insulation and freedom of movement. With quilted panels, this vest can handle any terrain, from rough mountain trails to leisurely jogs in the park. 

New collection: Pace

Swix Pace is our new collection of running apparel, for those who choose sneakers all year round. The range includes all the garments you need to be able to run through all seasons.