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Swix wants to encourage everyone to keep active and enjoy outdoor activities such as running and skiing. We are now creating a community on Strava for you to join.

We hope that this will be a place where you can find motivation, inspiration, and learn more about training. We would also motivate you by giving you challenges to complete.

Swix June Challenge

Are you up for some serious roller skiing?


The summer season is here and it’s time to roll the pavement.

Want to learn more about rollerskiing? Visit this site.

Like skiing on snow, roller skiing exercises your arms, legs and core, and it’s great for your fitness in general. Roller skiing is a must-do activity for everyone who wants to increase their specific strength in advance for the winter season.

Let’s start by focusing on the upcoming month.

We challenge you to complete these two roller ski exercises:

  • An interval session. Choose for yourself what kind of interval you do, but it has to be done on roller skis.

    Need some inspiration? Check out this training program
  • 75 minutes or more. Go out and enjoy nature, the good weather or explore your local area. Go wherever you want, but the trip has to last for at least 75 minutes.

Can you complete both exercises in June?
All you have to do to enter the competition is to log the activity on Strava and post a photo with the text “Swix challenge completed” in the Swix club.

Three participants who complete the challenge will get a set of training clothes from Swix.

Buying new roller ski gear?
Check out our Swix Roadline roller skis and poles.

Remember: Always take care of your safety when roller skiing: Wear a helmet, follow the traffic rules and control your speed.

Good luck.

Join the challenge on Strava

The winners will be announced on this page, Strava, and in our Norwegian podcast Skisporet.

Strava swix skisporet podcast marthe kristoffersen 169.JPG

Skisporet: Marthe Kristoffersen (in the middle) was a guest of our podcast Skisporet.

Former challenges


Can you stand the longest distance?
Complete the challenge and win a waxing kit

Who’s up for our Nordic World Ski Championship Challenge?

The Nordic World Ski Championship, which takes place in Oberstdorf in Germany later this month, is one of the biggest skiing events this winter.

11 gold medals will be awarded to the best cross-country skiers in the period of 12 days. Were so excited about it starting, and want to kick start with a challenge for you!

The championship ends with two legendary races: 30k for women and 50k for the men.

Can you stand the longest distance?

We challenge you to complete a distance of 50k or 30k. You can choose when, where, and your own tempo - but the whole distance needs to be completed on the same day.

All you have to do to enter the competition is to log the activity on Strava, and post a photo with text in the Swix club saying “Swix 30/50k Challenge Completed”.

One lucky finisher will get a waxing kit from Swix.

We wish you good luck - and happy skiing.

Winner: Maiken Min Midtskogen

See the challenge on Strava

Swix 100 km Strava challenge.jpg

Swix 100 km challenge - win Triac 4.0 Aero

Are you up for a new, big challenge?

It is time to work on your cross-country skiing!

We challenge you to complete at least 100 km on nordic skis in January.

All you have to do is to log your activity every time you’re skiing. When you reach 100 kilometers in total, you post a photo with text in the Swix club saying “Swix 100 km challenge completed”.

One lucky finisher will get a brand new set of Triac 4.0 Aero poles. We will draw the winner on February 1st.

We wish you good luck - and happy skiing.

See the challenge on Strava

Winner: Kamilla Nesset Saltermark from Norway.

The Holiday Challenge - win a jacket

This challenge is all about finding time to you favorite activity in a stressful period. Can you manage to log ten activities on Strava before Christmas? Then you can win this ski jacket from Swix.


See the challenge on Strava

Winner: Robbie King from British Columbia in Canada.

no pole web.jpg

Ski without poles - win a drink belt

Skiing without poles is an excellent way to practice your technique. It forces you to work with your weight transfer, kick, and balance.

The Norwegian pro skier Mikael Gunnulfsen reveals in last week’s episode of the podcast “Skisporet”, that he often drops the poles to improve his skiing skills.

Mikael and now give you this challenge to complete:
Do a session without using your poles next time your skiing. Please take a photo and post it in the Swix club on Strava. We will draw one winner that gets a water belt from Swix.

Winner: Håvard Njå from Norway

See the challenge on Strava

Marthe Kristoffersen's stair challenge - win a backpack (challenge finished)

The former skier is now the head coach of the cross country Team Elon Innlandet (NOR). Marthe gave this challenge to all the Norwegian listeners of our podcast "Skisporet".

We all want you to try this workout. Can you do it? 


Winner: Michael Patrick Garrity from Minneapolis in Minnesota

Stair workout Marthe Kristoffersen.jpg

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