Find the right waxing iron for prepping skis

Waxing iron for beginners or professionals? This guide will help you choose the right waxing iron for your needs.


Whether you want to get started with ski waxing or dream of prepping your own perfect skis for a competition, Swix has the waxing iron for your needs. Below is an overview and description of all Swix waxing irons.

Beginner’s waxing iron:

T77 Waxing iron economy, 220V: Swix’s most affordable waxing iron, suitable for the beginner and hobby waxer. The iron can be heated to 160 degrees and can be used to apply glide wax and grip wax to skis.

Some eager ski waxers like to have their own waxing iron to heat base wax in the grip zone. This waxing iron is a good option for this job.

Waxing iron for ski waxing enthusiasts:

T73D220 T73 Digital Iron, 220V: The most affordable waxing iron with digital display showing temperature. The plate of the iron is thicker than the least expensive model and this iron can be heated to 170 degrees.

Waxing iron for the competitive skier:

T72 Racing digital iron 220V: This waxing iron is suitable for advanced ski waxers who want full control over the temperature. This waxing iron, which goes up to 170 degrees, digitally adjusts the temperature. The edges of the plate are rounded so that you distribute the glide wax evenly over the skis.

Waxing iron for downhill

T71A iron x-thick 220V: Professional waxing iron adapted for downhill skiing. The iron has an extra thick plate, which ensures more stable temperatures. This iron has holes in the plate to prevent the waxing iron from sticking to the ski base of a wide ski. The iron can be heated to 180 degrees.

Waxing irons for professionals/those who want to copy the national team

T70 Wax Iron , x-thick plate, 220v: The waxing iron for those who demand the very best. The T70 is used by teams and the national team at the very highest level. The waxing iron can be fully heated to 200 degrees, has an extra thick plate and a number of improvements, so you always get perfect results. The T70 can be used together with extractors to prevent smoke and particles from entering the waxing cabin.

Which should you choose?

An affordable waxing iron is suitable for the beginner and hobby waxer who “once in a while” wants to do a thorough prepping job. The more you load the waxing iron, the more stable the temperature and results you can expect. For example, Swix recommends that certain fluorine-free powders and hard glide waxes are applied with a heat of 165 degrees celsius. This means that a waxing iron that does not reach the temperature is insufficient.

It is therefore important to be honest with yourself and know what you need. Are you planning to prepare skis for Birken or other cross-country skiing? Then it’s a good idea to upgrade the waxing iron to a model that meets the heat requirements of the racing products.

Good luck with your ski prepping.