Which baskets should you choose?

Baskets are available in different models and sizes. Here you will find which baskets you should choose for your needs.

The SWIX Triac Basket System - simply abbreviated TBS - is our pulley system that makes it possible to change the pulley within a few seconds.

Forget glue and hot water — all you have to do is loosen the nut, change the pulley, and tighten the nut. Simple, right?

See how easily you change pulleys in the TBS instruction video here.

Pulleys for groomed trails

If you are going cross-country skiing on groomed trails, we recommend small pulleys - they are lightweight and provide the best pendulum and attach to the ground.

If the trails are hard and icy, we recommend the smallest pulley, which will then provide the best pendulum. If, on the other hand, you go on abandoned and loose trails, we recommend the largest of these pulleys.

In joint start races there are many participants (long and hiking races) it is very common to use a larger pulley. This is because the pole strokes quickly become looser if you are not in the lead group.

A slightly larger castor provides the best carrying capacity, but the pendulum will feel heavier. If there are hard or icy surfaces, we do not recommend White Paw or White leaf frinse, because these have an aluminium spike that is more easily worn.

On newly skied trails, where there are good conditions, it is the white castors that provide the very best pendulum and feel.

This is because they are 1.8 grams lighter than the blue ones. 

Pulleys for trips on loose tracks or off the trails

If you walk on loose tracks and even off the trails, we recommend large pulleys that provide good load-bearing capacity on different surfaces.

The choice of castors is a bit "give and take", so be aware that the castors will weigh more and therefore affect the pendulum.

If this is the tour where you choose to walk in very loose tracks, we recommend the Basket Touring 99. Another slightly lighter option could be the '97 racing pulleys, which are notched lighter.

Pulleys for loose snow

If you are going to use the poles mostly on unprepared trails, loose snow and trips where the surface changes frequently, we recommend leather castors.

These castors have by far the best load-bearing capacity on all surfaces, from deep snow to rotten snow and bursting crust.

As a rule, such castors are not recommended for groomed trails, but the leather pulley will also work in these. Also, there is something nostalgic about these then!